Green Building Trends

The New Indian Express

Vineeta Badawe, resident director, VV Architects, explains about the future of green building trends, at a one-day workshop in the city on Wednesday | EPS

Leading corporate houses, developers and architects gathered to pitch for green buildings in the city at a day-long workshop organised by The Weekend leader, an online portal, in the city on Wednesday.

Speaking at the event, T Chitty Babu, secretary, Confederations of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India, said that with the growing concern of climate change and global warming, constructing green buildings was a necessity. “Today, we have a huge increase in temperature, a warming trend in the west coast, sudden floods, droughts, etc. In such a scenario, having a green building built would indeed be the best bet,” he added.

He also felt that with consensus between the government, architects, developers, bankers and consumers, there was a possibility that several green buildings could emerge in the city.

Commending the AIADMK Government for implementing rain water harvesting system during its previous regime, Babu pointed out that the emergence of green buildings will help curb construction, maintenance and operational costs. “By opting for a green building, we become directly responsible to the environment and costs involved in construction and maintenance will definitely come down.”, he said

Chitra Vishwanath, principal architect, Biome Environmental Solutions, said that constructing green buildings would also help in use of environment-friendly materials. “By constructing a green building, we in a sense, encourage the use of materials which do not impair the environment. The mantra is to reduce, recycle, reuse and reinvent.” she added.

Chitra emphasised that a site on which a building is built is an important criteria. “It is of essence that a building is built within the carried capacity of the land,” she said. Suresh Krishna, MD, Isha Homes, explained that there was an urgent need for green buildings to take centre stage and builders and developers should give it a thought. “The critical issue is how one sustains growth with minimum negative impact on the environment.” he said.

Vineeta Badawe, resident director, VV Architects, pointed out that emerging buildings must introduce greenery into their construction. “The structure of the building must breathe. One must implement rain water harvesting seriously and ensure we take up sewage and water treatment.” she said

Speaking to the City Express, P C Vinoj Kumar, Editor, The Weekend Leader, said that the entire idea of the workshop was to create awareness among students on the importance of green buildings.

The day-long workshop was attended by students from various colleges in the city.