MARG ProperTies. Come, discover the joy of ownership

In the booming Indian economic landscape, everyone is a real estate player. But we know that though flooded with choices, discerning buyers will soon sift the men from the boys, the wannabes from the true blues. And it is with this in mind that MARG ProperTies has groomed itself into a sharp and future sensitive corporation that offers a whole new perspective on real estate.

With keener learnings from the marketplace, with our commitment to providing better living spaces to all kinds of customers, we aim to be the one name you can look up to when you think of investing in a home.

Because the fact is that when you buy into MARG ProperTies, you're buying into decades of experience. The MARG Group, as an infrastructure provider, has been building much more than just residential spaces. Airports, ports, industrial zones and townships across the southern parts of India echo the MARG philosophy of regional and grass root development. An eminent example of this is MARG Swarnabhoomi, a new age city that is creating never before opportunities for business, education, culture and living.

Likewise, our Brand Shop is a one-of-a-kind initiative that will help you negotiate the road to home ownership better. With the right knowledge, the right guidance and simplified decision making, we welcome you to a whole new value equation when it comes to investment in property.