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Top 6 world ugliest houses and number one is….

Posted by Margproperties I 21 June, 2013 archives 

world ugliest building



Guess what we will start with India. This mean and too high building looks like fractured apartment, pounded by the bombers in world war II. I mean the most expensive house in the world should have a great royal look with a beautiful landscape. But what came up in the mind of builder is totally urban hard look and one hell of the junk.


world ugliest buildings



The world upside down:

I understand that human minds wants  to be unique and show some creativity, but i cant bear this; an upside down home; even the stone age ancestors would have not approved it; crazy idea. Notice the car on the top, that is too indigenous and most creative….. How did his girlfriend approve it or his family for that matter.

Worlds ugliest houses

Very colorful, but too much for the eyes. Must have worked in the paint shop or the wall paper company. In this lush green landscape, the house looks very artificial and disappointing. Wanted to show his artistic talent but it turned out to be a disaster.


ugliest houses in the world


Yellow Yellow dirty fellow , you don’t know. Called the UFO houses, it looks as ugly as the alien in the space itself. No open has occupied this house. It has the some creepy look and i cannot sleep for even a day in this yellow cottage; fearing alien abduction and conducting test on me; who knows i may come back to retell the adventure

worlds ugliest building



This house is cockroach in the making. no imagination and rather should i say, bad imagination. The architect might have been, high on drugs and very low on human touch. It looks too geometric with no value to human feelings

worlds ugliest houses


A pest in the field in the Jurassic era, the house has all the no good things in the exterior


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