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Posted by Margproperties I 1 July, 2013 archives 

Social innovation is driven by the human mind and will to see the changes. That is exactly what Mittal Patel has done. Her narration on the pathetic state of nomadic communities till date testifies the social backwardness and extreme prejudice nature of the Indian social system. The caste system is so deep rooted that we have come in terms with them and patronized them.

There is a big divide between urban and rural set up India. The richer get richer and poor get poorer. Caste system, social backwardness, indebtedness, illiteracy, gender discrimination, poverty, and social discrimination are very common in the rural India. The moment you enter a village in India you will see the difference in the class of living. Certain villages in India have the same living conditions as in pre-independence era, cut off from the actual world. Such is the ignorance.

Initiative taken from Mittal Patel is brave and fearless. Nomadic tribes all over India are exploited of their ignorance. Awareness and education is the key. It will set them free. But they cannot do it on their own. We need people like Mittal Patel to move forward the cause.

Government has come up with innumerable schemes for the social upliftment of the nomadic tribe. Subsidies have been provided, but only few have benefited by them. It is the political system which handicaps the government schemes from reaching the target audience.

I am just trying to get deep in the minds of Mittal. What made her to take up the cause? Was it a spontaneous reaction to some incident? Was it in her minds for long time? Was see affected in some way or the other?, or was it her humanism? Whatever may be the reason you need a mighty heart for not just giving lip service but to get into the act. If it was me, I would have backed off and would given a good lip service and moved on.

She has given a new meaning to nomadic people and made them a part of our socio-political system.  She has armed and twisted the fate of the next generations of kids in their favour and rather ended exploitation and dehumanization. She made changes in life of lakhs of nomadic tribes. Social innovators and change champions are the key for the paradigm shift in the rural India.

Mittal Patel has started an movement VSSM and has exposed the serious and isolated nature of certain nomadic tribes in Gujarat.

 Kudos and all the best for her future initiatives.


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