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Is your home Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient?

Posted by Margproperties I 9 January, 2013 archives 

Eco Friendly HomeMother nature has opened its arm and provided everything for mankind. But we ask for more and ask hard. This has lead to serious environmental consequence like global warming, pollution, extinction of floral and fauna. We have to do our part to preserve the nature. This can start from the home. Maybe these points will help

Cross ventilation:

If you don’t have cross ventilation facility in your home, it becomes bit stuffy even in winters. Make it a point to facilitate cross ventilation. Lack of ventilation generates heat which is unwanted and makes environment toxic

Avoid using plastics:

Take a jute bag or a big bag for shopping. Make sure that you dont take plastic from sellers. The reason is, plastic takes thousands of years to degrade and will pollute the environment.

Rain water harvesting:

It is wonderful idea which is used to recharge the ground water in your home. The better part is that you get to save rain water which pollution free. In summers rain water harvesting will provide you with enough water to sustain through.

Use CFL bulbs and please replace Incandescent bulbs:

CFL bulbs are more efficient and cost less and only 5% of energy in incandescent bulb is converted to light and rest is heat. It is bad for the environment.

Indoor plants:

Growing indoor plants is indeed beneficial. NASA says that indoor plants have the ability to remove pllutants from the house within 24 hours. It also improves the aesthic value of the house and provides a cool environment

Recycle Waste:

If you are living in an apartment consult with your neighbours and work out the solutions for recylcing the waste. Maintain two bin one for organic and another for inorganic waste. The organic waste can be composted and used as an fertilizer internally.

For individual houses you can compost the waste and then use it to fertilize your indoor plants and your backyard

Solar Panels:

Using the power of sun to generate electricity comes environmental friendly. Install solar panel in your house and save lot of money in electricity consumption. Time will come when it will become imperative to install solar panel. I hope so.


The shopping mart is filled with so many home cleaners which are toxic. It is better to use home friendly products such as vigenar, baking soda, lemon juice, borax.

Use energy efficient devices:

Use energy efficient devices. Lot of brands have energy air conditioners. Use them. Curtain the east and west side house so that in summer it is cool. The less is the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, lower the energy consumption.

These small but concrete steps will go a long way making your home cost effective and environmental friendly.

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