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Is Red the color for my home? Tips to choose my home color

Posted by Margproperties I 7 February, 2013 archives 

Is Red the colour for my home? Tips to choose my home colourThe best part of coloring your home is that it ignites your mind and the feel good factor sets in when you enter your sweet home. The problem is that you will be scratching your head to choose the color for your home. These suggestion and ideas will surely work out for you.

Visit the paint shop: A good paint show in your locality will have all the necessary requisite to choose the color you want. They have the acumen to help you out in choosing the right pattern of color for your home. Some shops have sample which you can test it your house.

Magazines and the internet: There are plenty of information about the color and paints. Take inspiration, but be careful when you choose it. The colors and shades bound to differ when you paint. So before rushing to buy the color test it and then adopt it.

Oh!! the lighting: Remember the lighting will have the effect on the color of your wall. The daylight and the artificial light in the night will affect the color. It is better to choose the paint keeping this in mind and be prepared to a different tone in your house.

The dark and light colors: The dark fades over time and light color are better suited for the long run. If you have a strong taste for the dark color then go for it. After all you are going live in there. The dark color becomes boring very soon

Continuity or snappy: You can take one or two colors and use them in different shades in all the room or you can pick different color for each room. If you are going to paint different colors, then use bright and stimulating color for the kids room, mild and romantic color for the bedroom, blue and white goes well with kitchen environment. Red ideally suit the dinning room. They will remember you as a better cook. For the hall you can go for lavender, burgundy, red, yellow, orange. For bathroom don’t use dark color, it will the make the room look small. Go for white or other lighter shades.

Learn some basic in color: Learning some basics can help you in deciding your color.

Hue is the color. Orange is hue, red is hue

Shade is any color mixed with black or grey

Tint is any color mixed with white

chroma is the intensity or darkness of any color

Talk to an expert: You still cant decide and don’t have the time to do some research, then you can refer an consultant. He will guide to make your choice. You can invite him home for an inspection or pour your heart out.

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