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Indian Real Estate News Updates

Posted by varun I 21 July, 2010 archives  5

MARG has selected some interesting real estate news from around the virtual world and brought it to you.

Realty Prices To Further Shoot Up

It is very likely that the Real Estate prices in the country will shoot up further with the Finance Ministry’s decision of not withdrawing 2.5% service tax. This move was proposed by the Urban Development Ministry in the budget of FY10-11.

The budget had earlier proposed this tax on all under-construction projects. And it is common knowledge that eventually the customers will have to bear the burden and not the developers. The declination came as no less than a shock to the Urban Development Ministry…… Read More>>

Indian Realty Sector And Overview

Indian Real Estate Market has grown with time. The main reason for the accelerated growth can be contributed to the fact that the industry is very flexible in nature.The development has caused higher aspirations for better standards of living and a good quality of life.
The rapid increase has been because of the relaxed policies of our government regarding Foreign Direct Investment which favors economic development of the country as well as easy Home Loan terms and conditions with an increase in the income of people, degree of urbanization, and their purchasing power. All this has helped shape up the Indian realty sector…… Read More>>

Real Estate Invesment Trusts In Asia To Rise

The number of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the Asian Continent is going to swell over the coming 3 to 4 yrs according to HSBC. It will be because of increasing call for investments in more risk disinclined properties.
REITs invest in commercial properties mainly and pay rent collected from their properties to shareholders as dividend. This is why some investors see them as safer investments than property stocks.Another advantage is that they usually offer returns that are higher than yields of government bonds….. Read More>>

Real Estate Collaborates With Education Industry

Realty and Infrastructure firms like GMR and Hindustan Construction Company, HCC have announced to set up university campuses and other educational institutes within India. They mainly aim to ride high on the huge returning education industry.

The education industry in India is worth more than 10 bn US dollars with continuous growth rate. Because the Real Estate market is on a low these days developers are looking at alternate assets such as education….. Read More>>

Fear of Recession in Europe Draws NRI Investment in India

Indian expatriates have started investing in their home country in a big way. Increasing job security in Gulf countries, coupled with fears of recession in Europe and North America, are prompting NRIs (non-resident Indians) to repatriate their savings to Indian assets, the most favoured being real estate, closely followed by equities and high-coupon debt.

Several Gulf-based investors had redeemed or sold their investments during the Dubai credit crisis last year. The current flow of money to Indian shares can be seen as Gulf-based investors reversing those transactions, according to investment experts. While Gulf-based NRIs are trying to benefit from investing in home markets, the Indians in Europe and North America are sending back their savings to preserve it in Indian assets….. Read More>>

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