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Griha Prarthana at MARG ProperTies Shoppe an overwhelming response
Posted by Sajni I 3 May, 2011 archives 

The recently held GRIHA PRARTHANA pooja at the MARG ProperTies Shoppe, Ashok Nagar drew a big response from the public. With hope and wish in the heart, and absolute sincerity participants took part in the powerful poojas.

Everyone offered prayers with complete hope and faith that the dream of owning a home will come true soon. It was a solemn and memorable event for the participants. Many were glad that they were able to avail of this fantastic opportunity free of cost and labor taking into consideration their busy work schedule.

Poojas were conducted every hour and Prasadam was distributed to the participants. The participants left feeling optimistic, with a smile on their faces and a firm belief the poojas will soon prove effective.

It was an emotional moment for many and most importantly a lot of positive energy was generated through the poojas, also the genuine concern of the organizing team was touching!

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Advantages of participating in the MARG ProperTies GRIHA PRARTHANA
Posted by Sajni I 30 April, 2011 archives 

Participate in the GRIHA PRARTHANA  at MARG ProperTies Shoppe, Ashok Nagar,chennai and save yourself the cost, time and energy of arranging special powerful poojas to help you buy your own home.

Rid yourself of relentless problems that have prevented you from buying your own home. MARG ProperTies Shoppe brings you Chennai’s most renowned poojaris to perform the best and most powerful poojas to ward off evil, reduce bad effects, and bring in positive developments in your life, thus enhancing your chances of owning your own home.

Participate in the MARG ProperTies GRIHA PRARTHANA , seek god’s blessings to remove the obstacles and difficulties in your life, and experience the difference in your lives.

According to Hindu customs and beliefs offering special prayers to different deities reduce the bad effects and bring in wealth, health, and overall prosperity to a home. Each pooja has a special significance and has it own merits.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and participate in the powerful pooja to see quick positive results in your life.

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Griha Prarthana From MARG ProperTies
Posted by harish I 29 April, 2011 archives 

Mr. Balaji Head Marketing Division, MARG Properties explain about their Griha Prarthana Exclusively

GRIHA PRARTHANA to benefit people dreaming of owning a home but have not been able to do so for various reasons.

The pooja will be conducted at MARG ProperTies  Shoppe, Ashok Nagar,chennai on 1 May 2011 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

This special pooja will combine several powerful poojas to bring in quick, positive results in people’s lives thereby helping them own a house.

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Posted by Sajni I 29 April, 2011 archives 

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Embellish your home weekend activity at BRAND SHOPPE
Posted by Sajni I 28 March, 2011 archives 

Marg Proper Ties is organizing weekend interactive home design workshops where experts and designers will give simple home décor tips on how to beautify your home and efficiently use home space. Topics covered include   floor type and selection, ceiling designs, wall treatment texture and color, artifacts, lighting, interior alteration, and soft furnishing furniture.

The 45 minute personalized session is free of cost and you can bring your family and friends along. Choose a slot that suits your convenience; the morning slot (11:00 am to 1:00 pm) and evening slot (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) comprises three sessions. Also, the first 50 participants will win exciting gifts at the shop.

The weekend activity dates are as follows: 2nd / 3rd of April 2011 and 9th / 10th of April 2011 at MARG Proper Ties Brand Shoppe, Ashok Nagar, Chennai. All you need to do is register for the personalized session on your preferred date and slot or contact the Brand shoppe store manager Mr. Santhosh on 95000 19593 for registration.

Private interior designers Mrs Praveena & Mrs Sangeetha will be available to answer all your queries.

Decorate your home with confidence!


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