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8 Sure Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Posted by Margproperties I 17 April, 2013 archives 
Sun rays

Sun rays in the living room


Come summer and you feel the heat. This is the start of the gruelling timeline where the sun will heat up the environment like a burning furnace. For those who live in the concrete jungle called cities; it is sticky and sweaty time. Unfortunate are those who live in a house with an open terrace for their house will heat up like an oven.

But the scorching summer will pass away with little impact, if you can carry out some of the ideas which we are going to discuss.

Vanquish the culprit:

Houses with open terrace just pass on the heat inside the house and makes living unbearable. What you can do is; wet the terrace with the water in the evening time to reduce the heat. It works well. Try it.

If you are ready to spend some money, then you can buy gunny bags equal to the size of the terrace. Fill it with saw dust and then wet it water and place it in the roof. What will happen is that, the saw dust will absorb the water for long time. This will keep your house cool.

If you love plants, then you can have a garden in the roof surface with potted plants and small herbs. This will keep the environment green and roof surface cool. Growing medicinal plants will be useful for you since you can use for treating small ailments.

Grow indoor plants:

An indoor plant removes stale air and keeps the house cool. Plants like Begonia, Dracaena, Aloe Vera, Hyacinthus suits any type of home. Keep the plants near the window regulate temperature

Use blinds or thick curtain:

Avoid using black curtains as they absorb heat and do no radiate them. Using blinds will keep the heat away more effectively

Energy efficient Bulbs:

Fluorescent bulbs are best bet and will save money and energy. They produce less heat than the normal incandescent bulb. People tend to use yellow bulbs in the bathroom and kitchen. Please avoid it and change t CFL.

Good ventilation:

During the evening time open the door and widows of all the rooms. The point is the temperature in the evening will be less outside and hot inside the house. Let some cool air flow inside the house.

You can paint the roof with white color. White colors reflect all the heat absorbed and keep the temperature low and nice.

Table fan or ceiling fan:

When it comes to the choice, do go for table fans as it circulates cooler. Ceiling fans suck in hot air and circulates them in the house. It is bad for health. In humid climate you cannot stay in the house as it is sticky and hot.

Grow plants around the house:

City life has taught us to decorate the house beautiful inside but when it comes to area outside the house, we care less. Growing shade tree or plants will create a micro-environment which will keep you house much cooler. Plants have the ability to enrich the environment with oxygen. If you are planning to build a house do not hesitate to allot space for plants.

When couples are working:

In a typical city life nuclear family, both the couple work and children go to school. The house is locked. It is better to leave the window open. Closing all the doors and window will make the air hot, stuffy inside the house.

If you have any other ideas please share it with us

Happy summer!!

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