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3 home maintenance activities that are always overlooked

Posted by Margproperties I 7 November, 2013 archives 

For a lot of us, buying a house is like reaching the end of a fairy tale, where it says “and so they lived happily ever after”. Nobody tells us the rest of the real story!



Of course, at today’s real estate rates, it is a huge feat in itself to buy your own house – it gives you a complete sense of security and satisfaction. But it is equally important to take efforts to maintain your house in order to ensure minimal damage to the property and a healthy life style for yourself and your family.

Here are 3 home maintenance activities that are almost always overlooked. Home maintenance is not always about cleaning the floor, tiled walls and vacuuming the couch. There are other more important areas to focus on, things that might lead to huge issues if not attended to regularly.

1. Clean your main drain regularly
This is something you might want to check regularly yourself. It is important for your main drain to function properly so that all the waste water and sewage from your house is taken away to the city sewage system. It is very likely for the drains to get clogged most often by hair and other waste over a long period of time. If this happens you might have a sink and bathroom that “does not seem to drain the water”. It can get very nasty, so don’t wait for that to happen! Have a professional home maintenance expert treat your drains at least once a few months.

2. Service your home appliances regularly
Chennai is clearly a hot place – even during the rainy season, the afternoons could be way too hot for someone to take. We feel the need to run from one air conditioned building to the other almost all through the year. When home appliances are used this often, it is important to service them regularly in order to prevent danger. Have a professional come in once a year at the least to check your heater, dryer, central AC and other appliances.

3. Conduct regular inspection of your roof
If you find your roof or walls leaking, it is definitely a cause for concern. It would cost a fortune to get your entire roof replaced. At least with the main drain, you can do something about it even after you discover the clog- it is not very expensive to solve the issue. But with roof seepage, you don’t want to sit around and wait for the damage, trust me. Make sure you get professional help with inspecting your roof regularly for soft spots and rectify any issue however “minor” it is. It could save you from a lot of potential damage.

These are some maintenance activities that are not exactly as glamorous as a shining floor, but neglecting these will certainly do more damage to you than a dirty floor ever could.

Can you think of more tasks that people generally forget to attend to with regards to home maintenance? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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