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21. What can Overseas Banking Units do in the SEZ?
Such operations are not covered by Indian banking laws and may be able to offer better terms than banks in the DTA area. They operate on international terms of banking. They also have tax benefits. Risk is directly between the user and the bank. The SEZ authority or developers are not involved.
22. If there is export duty on an item and this is exported to the SEZ from DTA does duty have to be paid?
No. All Duties of Customs and Excise are exempted to items coming into an SEZ from the DTA to carry out the operations of the SEZ unit.
23. Does State Govt. have an SEZ policy in place?
Yes. Some of them do. Please refer the respective state govt policy for details.
24. Are labour laws different in the SEZ?
No. Labour laws are the same in the DTA area and the SEZ. In some states the administration of the law has been made simpler. For e.g., SEZs have been declared as an essential service which in effect means that the procedures for going on a strike is more stringent. The Development Commissioner may be invested with the powers of the Labour Commissioner in the Zone.
25. Are minimum wages act applicable to the SEZ?
All labour laws are applicable in an SEZ.

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