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16. Can SEZ units do job work for domestic export companies?
Yes. SEZ units can do contract work for domestic companies provided all raw material including semi-finished goods and consumables including fuel is supplied by the DTA exporter. The finished goods must be directly exported from the SEZ unit on behalf of the DTA exporter. Export document is jointly in the name of DTA unit and the SEZ unit. The DTA exporter is eligible for refund of duty paid on the inputs by way of brand rate of duty drawback.
17. Can SEZ units subcontract part of production process (eg: finishing process etc.) in the DTA?
Yes. SEZ units can subcontract to units in the DTA which are registered with the and also abroad with prior permission of the Specified Officer given on an annual basis. The goods sent out for subcontracting has to be returned to the SEZ within 120 days from the date of removal or within a period as may be extended by the Special Officer in charge of this procedures.
18. Can goods be exported directly from the sub-contractors premises in the DTA?
Yes. Goods can be exported directly from the DTA unit provided it is registered with the Central Excise Department. This is allowed only by way of direct export and not through third party.
19. Can subcontracting be given to another SEZ unit within the same SEZ or in another SEZ? And exports allowed from that unit?
20. Are sales permitted from one unit to another in an SEZ or from one SEZ to another?
Yes. They will be treated as exports and payment will have to be made in foreign currency for such purchases.

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